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Counseling, Social Skills & Executive Functioning Skills Training

School Answers views the area of counseling services as critical to the social, emotional and educational well being of our students.  The need to have a specially trained and accessible professionals to address their needs is a built into the foundation of School Answers. 

At School Answers we have psychologists, school certified social workers, and liscened clinical social workers available to work with our students to address their varying needs.  Whether its grief counseling, divorce, bullying and/or harrassment, social skills training, or executive functioning training, School Answers has the staff trained to assist our students and families. 

It is critical in the opinion of School Answers that a strong student mental health support network be created and maintained to assure that students are ready to learn and emotionally prosper in the general school environment.

Counselors are available for assignment in the public and non-public schools.  Please contact us for available locations and additional information.

 Most insurance plans accepted.